Posters in Amsterdam

I’m constantly impressed by the level of poster design that surrounds me as I travel thoughout the city. This is one in a series about the poor state of funding for the arts. Check out more posters here, and the funding issue here.

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V is for Val

A cheese-eating, bike-riding Canadian, now living in Amsterdam. Loves great design but creeped out by ballpoint pens. Alternate dream jobs include animals and cooking, but not cooking animals. Personal mantra gifted from an expert on the subject: Fortune favours the brave.

A is for Ali

Design hybrid by day. After hours she shoots film with toy cameras, sew clothes from books with Japanese instructions that she barely understands and hangs out with her husband, two beautiful girls and three crazy dogs. Personal mantra is "Don't worry, everything is going to be amazing". And for the most, it is.