Partly Blue

A beautiful weather app called Blue, by studio Oak. Forecasts translated into colour, based on temperature, humidity and sunrise/sunset times in your location. Want an alarm clock to match? Check out Rise(via Swissmiss)

Disappearing Act

What if a product had no package to waste? Check out this enviro-friendly dissolving toothbrush box, and more inventive disappearing package solutions here. Thanks, W!

Hudson Made

Artisnal products originating from the Hudson Valley area that tell stories about craftsmanship and quality. Fashioned hat tip to Hovard Design.

2012 Food Packaging Roundup

Maybe we should judge a product by its package more often: Buzzfeed’s compilation of the best food and drink packaging designs of 2012. Shout-out to DW for #10, and all the crazy ‘drunkles’ out there. C’mon, everybody has one.

Klaas Kuiken

Thoughtful roof-friendly homes for birds, by Dutch product designer, Klass Kuiken. Check out his glass bottles too. Thanks, MI!

Karel Martens

Letterpress prints. Want them all.


It’s all in the details. The negative space between the two ‘l’s’ resembles a hair follicle, and is echoed in the label gap that’s utilized on the face of the product. So smart. By Aloof, UK.

Gustav Almestål

Loving these light and texture-rich food shots by Gustav Almestal for The Gourmand, a contemporary food, arts and culture journal.

V is for Val

A cheese-eating, bike-riding Canadian, now living in Amsterdam. Loves great design but creeped out by ballpoint pens. Alternate dream jobs include animals and cooking, but not cooking animals. Personal mantra gifted from an expert on the subject: Fortune favours the brave.

A is for Ali

Design hybrid by day. After hours she shoots film with toy cameras, sew clothes from books with Japanese instructions that she barely understands and hangs out with her husband, two beautiful girls and three crazy dogs. Personal mantra is "Don't worry, everything is going to be amazing". And for the most, it is.