Olive The Best

Happy holidays, all! We’ve certainly been absent of late, but in the meantime have been collecting lots of great material to share. Will do our best to use some of our much-needed time off constructively and post it! Cheers to you and thanks for following. xx

D&AD 2014

Stunner. D&AD awards opener, headed up by Pandayoghurt.

Material Valley

Objects and textures and palettes - oh my. Loads of inspiration from a top materials and finishes colleague. Thanks for sharing, J!

Holding Pattern

On her blog Holding Pattern, designer Lauren O’Neill collects beautiful satellite images of airport tarmacs from above, where the baggage fees and long lines and flight delays melt away into a neat, orderly vision of grass, concrete and tiny, toy-like planes. (via Fast Company)

Printing Things

Touted as the third industrial revolution, Belgian design studio Unfold explores the possibilities of 3D printing and digital production. ‘In all likelihood, this development represents the largest technical upheaval in manufacturing since the invention of the lathe.’ Think about that. (via Gestalten)

Drip Maple

Adore the simplicity and elegant typography of Drip‘s identity. Très enchanté!

Studies Of Australian Feathers

Brisbane photographer Jared Fowler shoots feathers of both common and rare bird species. Oh, Mother Nature! (via Fubiz)

V is for Val

A cheese-eating, bike-riding Canadian, now living in Amsterdam. Loves great design but creeped out by ballpoint pens. Alternate dream jobs include animals and cooking, but not cooking animals. Personal mantra gifted from an expert on the subject: Fortune favours the brave.

A is for Ali

Design hybrid by day. After hours she shoots film with toy cameras, sew clothes from books with Japanese instructions that she barely understands and hangs out with her husband, two beautiful girls and three crazy dogs. Personal mantra is "Don't worry, everything is going to be amazing". And for the most, it is.