Recyclable, single-material sneakers! The soles could use more work, but a great application of 3-D knitting tech.



Food porn

I’m art directing a shoot this week with food photographer Ryan Szulc. I’m learning so much watching the stylist do what they do best.


Having admired their work at last year’s Dutch Design Week, I was thrilled to discover Studio Drift has created Shylight, a kinetic light sculpture that unfolds and retreats during a 30 foot (9 meter) fall. The choreographed motions mimic the same action of blooming flowers or the billowing of parachutes. Now permanently installed at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Earth Patterns

Beautiful things on our planet, found on Google Maps.

Tribute to the Budapest Hotel

I came across the work of Lorena G while looking for inspiration for a website project. I’m now hoping we get to work together.

Reversed Portrait Pencil Series

I’m loving this pencil series by artist Nettie Wakefield. Makes me want to pick up my art supplies that have been gathering dust.

Species in pieces

This interactive exhibition of endangered species is simply breathtaking.

Olive The Best

Happy holidays, all! We’ve certainly been absent of late, but in the meantime have been collecting lots of great material to share. Will do our best to use some of our much-needed time off constructively and post it! Cheers to you and thanks for following. xx

V is for Val

A cheese-eating, bike-riding Canadian, now living in Amsterdam. Loves great design but creeped out by ballpoint pens. Alternate dream jobs include animals and cooking, but not cooking animals. Personal mantra gifted from an expert on the subject: Fortune favours the brave.

A is for Ali

Design hybrid by day. After hours she shoots film with toy cameras, sew clothes from books with Japanese instructions that she barely understands and hangs out with her husband, two beautiful girls and three crazy dogs. Personal mantra is "Don't worry, everything is going to be amazing". And for the most, it is.